Embroidery’s Fashionable Comeback

This year has seen the resurgence of embroidery as a part of the big fashion names and it is a trend that looks set to continue.

One of the main reasons that embroidery has become so popular is the desire to be a little different. Take a top and add embroidery or use it to accent a pair of jeans and you have a unique piece of clothing that doesn’t look like anything else. In a world of high street brands individuality is very appealing.

Even the big name stars are embracing the benefits of embroidery and custom stitching – Taylor Swift was seen earlier in the year wearing a cashmere hoody accented with a neon blanket stitch with her nickname. That picture gained over 1.7 million views on Instagram and highlighted the use of personalisation with embroidery.

Likewise, Stella McCartney has taken to using motifs embroidered onto some of her clothes, combined with performance materials to showcase her brand. French brand Maison Labiche have started a range of slogan T-shirts that are a little less bold and use embroidery rather than graphic prints which have a history of fading and peeling over time.

Using Embroidery In Design
The flexibility of designing with embroidery is another reason that big name fashion designers have taken to it and some are even creating each piece a little different to the other using machine embroidery.

London-based Peter Pilotto have started using embroidery for a number of reasons, primarily because it is modern and exciting. Their machinists have the freedom to create whatever pattern they want by manipulating the machine a little, making each piece unique.

The use of embroidery in design embraces the growing consumer desire to be different and to have a degree of personalisation in clothing, jewellery and other elements of fashion. The rise of handmade fashion continues to grow and embroidery is perfect for anyone wanting to get involved in this. Every piece is unique, even when made by machine and this level of personalisation is impossible for high street chains to copy.

Artisan Pieces
Artisan embroidery specialists are already gaining loyal followers across social media. Some take well known images and add their own customisations to it to create artisan pieces that build on a well-known look.

The new trend towards personalised, unique and interesting clothing shows that embroidery has a place as more than something that just hangs on the wall. While making artwork from embroidery and other sewing designs is still popular, the intricate detail that can be created with a combination of a machine and an expert machinist means that this traditional skill has transferred to the world of fashion.

This means there is a growing demand for artisan and unique pieces of clothing whether for special occasions or even for workwear. Businesses can harness the popularity of embroidery to make their staff’s uniforms look unique and smart while remaining within the image of the company.