The quotation
In order to quote for new embroidery work we simply require a copy of your artwork either by text or email, the quantities required and the material it will be sewn onto. In order to quote for the supply of garments and embroidery we will require a copy of your artwork (as above) and details of the required garments which can be viewed from “Our Shop”. Costings can be provided via a completed enquiry form, via email or via telephone. Once quotation/order has been agreed we will then pass your artwork to the design department for digitising.
In order to convert the artwork to the machine it is necessary it have it digitised. This converts the artwork into a computerised sewing format so the embroidery machines can replicate the artwork. This process is only required once for each piece of artwork and can be used for future orders.
The digitised design is sewn in to a sample and forwarded for approval. Any required changes can be completed at this point to ensure full satisfaction with the sample before the commencement of work.
All work is carried out using the most up-to-date SWF embroidery machines. When embroidery is complete, each item is quality checked and packed for delivery. Delivery or collection dates will be agreed at the outset.