Machine Embroidery Tips For Beginners

If you are used to embroidering by hand then the idea of using a machine instead might be a little intimidating. Making the transition from needle and thread to using a machine can be easier than you might think however, and it is a great way to create larger designs or to create a number of the same designs in a range of different sizes.

Do Your Research
Before you purchase a machine, do a little research into the facilities offered but most importantly, what you need from it. For example, if you are offering simple t-shirt embroidery for businesses, then you don’t always need a machine that is more suited for larger designs. But if you want to create bigger pieces, then the maximum product size is an important factor. Once you have your machine, don’t pressure yourself into creating perfect designs immediately. Using an embroidery machine is something of a learning curve so allow a little trial and error time. Try a few designs and don’t worry if they go a little wrong. Work up to your eventual aim with lots of smaller projects. Also, remember to give yourself time to learn your machine. One afternoon isn’t likely to do the job, you will probably need a few sessions to master it before you begin reaching your goals. So, schedule some alone-time with your new machine!
Start Small
Most embroidery machine experts recommend starting small with projects such as monograms on handkerchiefs. As you work on these projects, make notes to yourself about what worked and what you did – this is great to refer back to at a later date when you suddenly can’t remember what you did. Also, jot down things like the thread type used, the colours, type of fabric and any adjustments you made to the machine in relation to the project. Don’t get too excited and go out to purchase every accessory on the market unit you start making things and discover what you will use. As well as the machine, the basics you will need will be scissors, fabric and thread, stabilisers, and designs. Everything else can wait until you master your machine.
Test Stitching
Test stitching is a great way to work out which fabrics, needs, threads and stabilisers will work best for your project in the long run. When you keep notes about what you try as you go, you can compare pieces at a later date and see what you prefer. Grab a few free designs and test a lot of different things when you are searching for the right solution to your needs. You might want to create a logo for a business – so test different things and offer samples for them to allow them to choose.
Have Fun!
Throughout your learning process don’t forget to have fun with it. Embroidery is a very satisfying skill to learn and can be used in many different ways.