What Embroidery Can Do For Your Business

In this modern digital age, the skill of embroidery might seem like something from the past. However embroidery actually goes hand-in-hand with the advances in digital printing to make it as relevant and advantageous as ever for any type of modern business. Here’s a look at why.

The Importance Of Branding
Does your business have a logo?  A set of colours that it uses in all of its advertising as well as on the website and on social media?  Do you have a few fonts that you favour for all of these things?  This is the core of branding, though there is more to it that doesn’t apply to what we are discussing here.  Branding is about creating an identity for a company or even for a sole trader that unites everything they do and is instantly recognisable for the customer. But branding isn’t just about digital mediums or print advertising.  If you have customer facing staff in any form, that branding should continue with them.  There are ways to do this but one of the tried and tested methods is to use embroidery.
Quality Branding
Embroidery, whether done by hand or by machine, offers a quality that a printed option cannot match.  Let’s say you have your logo printed onto the t-shirts your staff wear – give it a few washes when they are worn all the time and that print might start to fade.  Or the staff member forgets and sticks a hot iron on the print causing it to shrivel. On the other hand, when that same logo is embroidered onto the t-shirt, you can wash it as many times as you like and it won’t fade.  A hot iron won’t cause it to spoil and it will retain its bright colours and quality finish for the longest time.
Expanding Your Branding
Nor is embroidery limited to a t-shirt – you can have a logo, symbol or other information embroidered onto the widest range of products.  You can add it to baseball caps, cloth bags, scarves and even promotional signage.  These items can make great giveaways to customers, spreading your brand further and showing them yours is a classy, quality company that offers high quality items for free.  This helps to build relationships with your clients that last and show that you value their business by giving them a good quality embroidered item.
Unique Look
Embroidery can be as simple or as intricate as you need and this allows the creation of a unique look to your company attire.  You can even opt for slightly different things for different departments within the business or add names to the tops or other items.  The personalisation allows customers to associate with each individual, further increasing their feeling of the company people personal rather than remote and faceless.  And that interaction is worth the investment in embroidered branded items for your business.