Embroidery Trends for 2017

For anyone who admires embroidery in its many forms it’s great to see that it is making a comeback.  From embroidered accessories to patches and even completely embroidered clothes, there are lots of ways to use this craft in fashionable clothing this year.  But what is especially on trend for 2017?


If you think about it, there are lots of clothing elements that owe their origins to the military around the world – bomber jackets, peacoats, chinos and cargo pants to name just a few.  Military apparel has always featured the use of embroidered patches to denote unit or achievements and this love of patches is making its way into fashion in 2017. In fact, a number of companies around the world are basing their businesses around creating embroidered patches.  Half Patch in Canada is a great example – they have a collection of ‘emoji’s’ made into embroidered patches to add to your clothing along with a range of popular sayings and logos.  This lets people either pin them to clothes or iron them on for a more permanent change to the look. Ball and Chain Co are another who have created Velcro and iron on patches to add to clothes and headwear.  Many have tongue in cheek sayings, metaphors and other fun artwork on them and are a great way to make your look your own.

Embroidered Accessories

In addition to adding patches to clothes to make them personal and meaningful, embroidery has also made its presence felt in the accessories department.  Embroidered bags are a perfect example and are often machine made so there is no concern about them frayed or coming loose while being used.  The combination of suede is one popular example and the embroidery can be bold and colourful or fitting in with the shades of the base material. Embroidered shoes might not be the most practical thing in the world but they are certainly eye catching and fun!  From high heels to boots, embroidery is appearing on footwear and adding its unmistakable shine to items.  And while they may seem vulnerable to mud and dirt from the streets, most will use a protective coating on the stitching to ensure the worst of the weather and the road doesn’t spoil the look. Small touches of embroidered accessories can also finish a look – examples including hairbands and hair accessories as well as even jewellery.  All of these use the bright colours of the embroidery thread to create something eye catching and attractive to complete your look.

Embroidery On Clothes

Towards the end of last year, the trend of using embroidery on clothes was growing and this looks set to continue into 2017.  Even mass produced items have a touch of handmade and personalised to them when they feature embroidery and the advances in machine embroidery mean that the quality and detail of the patterns is unparalleled.  Many of the big designers are using decorative stitching in their work from borders along the edges to full designs that cover most of the piece.